Tango with Django

  Django is a web framework, written purely in Python language. It helps programmers to build complex web applications quickly. The name Django comes from the early Jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. He was a gypsy whose two fingers on his […]

Python Generators

A generator in python is a kind of function which does not use return an object and you could use next() function to iterate through it. The object returned in such a way is iterator. If the iteration is finished […]

Python lambdas

Lambdas or anonymous functions, is not new with functional programming languages. I do understand that for beginners and programmers not having experience with functional languages will find it a bit hard to understand it at the beginning, but I am […]

Getting started with Flask

Let us get started with installing the Flask micro web framework. It is quite simple, using pip. I always recommend to use virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper for all the python based projects, even on Docker or Vagrant. To install virtualenv, [sudo] […]

Flask Tutorial

This tutorial will help you understand Flask micro web framework better. I will try to be as explicit as possible in making you comfortable with this micro web framework. Getting started/ Installing Flask First app