GIT basic commands

Git is awesome, at least I think it is. The moment I got familiar with Git, I fell in love with it. Git has a huge list of different commands to make your development work efficient and more productive. In […]

Upgrade Maven on OS X

  Apache maven is a versatile project management and comprehension tool. It is based on project object model (POM). Maven could be used to build a project, report and document from a focal piece of information. You can also write […]

Git branch removing operations

git branch -dr origin/feature/ICE-190 for direct deleting the remote origins for example * dev                            0aae398 ICE-320: made changes to middleware order feature/ICE-429                6b32a8e added google api places support on trial order form feature/ICE-522                f6c6e2b added payment page related translations master                         […]