What I Do

Put simply: I am a polyglot software developer. Call me geek or a passionate, but I am all about technology. I create solutions which are robust, efficient and clean. I enjoy my time to play with new technologies and try to understand how it could be beneficial to the software systems I work on and if possible, implement it too.

My Skills

I am proficient in: Java, Python, Scala, J2EE, Django, Spring, Play framework, Drupal, WordPress, Hibernate, Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone, jQuery, HTML5.

I have also tried my hands on (not commercially/professionally): Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Rails (Grails), perl.

I am learning now: Node.js, ReactJs, Coffeescript.

I Create Efficient & Organized Code

I create custom applications with Java/Python/Scala. For any code that works with my designs or otherwise, my code is always organized, fast, and uses proper semantics. I pay attention to cross-browser compatibility and can code a design for a range of mobile screens and devices. I keep up to date with the latest web and coding standards and languages, including HTML5, CSS3, and the concept of responsive web design.